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Larger van conversions

We also carry out conversions on larger vehicles such as Volskwagen Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter or similar size vans. Due to the size of the van these layouts and designs tend to be much more bespoke than smaller vans such as the Transporter or Transit Custom.

They offer more flexibility during possible longer trips for example Europe and general touring for months on the road or either a quick weekend away locally.


This size of conversion can be fully off grid and self sufficient and depending on layouts can include shower and toilet facilities, raised rear beds and garage storage areas, 2 or 4 berth. They would traditionally include under slung gas and large water tanks, solar panels, roof ventilation and plenty of storage. As this van is much larger there is not necessarily the need for pop top roofs to enable 4 to sleep comfortably. 

As these vans can be tailored in terms of both layouts and on or off grid living capabilities, we do not offer a standard layout or package but can design something to fit your requirements.


As with our other conversion packages all of the colour choices and interior options can be customised to suit your needs. See the buttons at the bottom of the page to take a look  

If your looking for a local converter to turn a van into a camper built for adventures then get in touch on 01626 368900 or 07841625473 or email us 

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